Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Six days and counting....

Only six days until my vacation officially begins. My cruise is in 9 days. I SO can't wait for this. I haven't had a "real" vacation since my honeymoon back in May/June of 2004.

I've purchased a new bathing suit that will keep other cruisers from freaking out at my kidney scar and some new clothes (skirt, some cute tops, two pairs of WAY CUTE sandals). I still have to get sunblock for the week, a bikini wax (cuz I'm so sure you wanted to hear about it), and get my hair cut. Dang, I have a lot to do. Better get on that.

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Bob Williams said...

Yep, I need this vacation bad, I mean bad. I'm going to posting some new crap a little later in my own journal. Including getting a hair cut next week. I'll be passing on the bikini wax.

Why would anybody freak out about surgical scars!?