Friday, March 09, 2007

Beauty and the Geek

OK, so I'm a bit behind in the times, but I just finished watching the tail end of Season Three of "Beauty and the Geek." What a great show. Seriously. Ashton was right on with this "social experiment."

They did start out with gals who were beautiful, and they were kinda ditzy in the beginning. I don't think that it's because they were actually airheads, though. I think that they have been socialized to act dumber than they are because society tells them that men can't handle smart women.

And the guys, well, they were really geeky. But you all know me, and should know by now that I love geeky guys! By the end of the show, the guys were much more socially aware of themselves. And a vast majority of the girls had improved themselves to the point where they were allowing the true, smart part of themselves show. With the exception of one shallow gal, Cecille. She started out the show going after the money. SPOILER ALERT!!!!! So, since all she cared about was the money, she didn't take any responsibility for the fact that she was a major bee-hotch to many of the people on the show, male and female. At the end, she thought the reason she lost the money was because everyone else was retarded and just didn't like her. Well, uh, no shit they didn't like you, you said mean things to them and never felt remorseful for anything that you said or did. DUH. Cecille did not change at all. And hopefully Nate was right, maybe in a week, a month or a year she'll finally realize that not ALL of the people on the show were wrong, the common denominator was her. She must be the one who needed to change.

Although, in watching the reunion show, I could see that even 6 months hadn't changed her perspective on things. So if losing $250,000 wasn't enough to teach her a lesson, I don't know what will.

Oh, and I so hope that Nate and JennyLee are still together. They were SO cute, and he is truly a good, nice human being. I think more people should be like him. He intentionally went around to all the judges and told them not to vote for him and Cecille because he felt that losing might teach her a lesson. He sacrificed $250,000 to try and help someone become a better person. Cecille is a money-seeking whore bag. Sorry, but she is.

Here's a picture of her. She's such a bitch that no one has pictures of her online. This is the best picture that Google Images had for her. Just goes to show, doesn't matter how pretty you are, if you're a mean person, karma will stop you in your tracks.

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