Saturday, March 03, 2007

Whatcha Think?

So here is the temporary fix to my boring ol' blog look. It's just a new template from Blogger, but will do for the time being. My sis is over helping me make this even better.

As for the blog title, I really want that to be the sous-name. So if you can come up with a cooler title than "Space Cadet," (my first title idea that was shot down mighty quick) please suggest away. You may suggest multiple ideas, all ideas will at least be considered.

1 comment:

Bob Williams said...

I like space addict, cadet would be ok with me too. The only thing I have that would still be in the theme of space is "Musings from Space Co-Dependency Network", ""Musings from Galactic Co-Dependency Network" or use the word "Junky" instead of addict. Sorry just not very creative tonight.