Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm a Hobbit

Sorry that it's been so long sine I last posted, but I've been busy and exhausted. Luckily, the morning sickness is mostly gone, but has been replaced by being unbelievably tired all the time. There are times that I swear I could go fall asleep on one of the benches in the lobby at my work. The benches are not cushioned.

Anyway, the reason that I believe I'm becoming a hobbit is because I eat like two of every meal. Seriously! I have first breakfast right when I wake up each day. Then I eat second breakfast when I get to work. Then I have first lunch between the two missions, and second lunch after the second mission of the day. Then I have a mini-dinner at about 3:30 to get me through the drive home at 4. When I get home, I have a small snack and fall asleep on the couch until Ben gets home. Then I make real dinner (or we get real dinner delivered since I'm having trouble standing the smell of stuff cooking sometimes). It's crazy how many times I eat a day! And I've lost two pounds in the past couple of weeks. Weird.

Today I got to go maternity clothes shopping since I have two pairs of pants that fit me for work. Even though I've lost weight, my hips are opening up and my belly is getting a little rounder, so I need looser, more supportive pants. Now I just need to find work pants to accompany all the cute work capris that I ended up buying today! :)


P.S. Thank goodness my little baby ticker is showing my baby looking more like a baby now, it looked way weird when I first posted it!! :) My baby is now a little bigger than a strawberry and is making a quarter of a million neurons EVERY MINUTE! That just blows my mind. But it also explains why I'm so dang hungry all the time!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Pity the Fool

Morgan, this one's for you:

Mr. T Belongs in the Bible

New Kids on the Block are BACK!

This is NO April Fools joke. The New Kids on the Block are staging a reunion.

Hang Tough on this...

Seriously. Who woulda thunk it?

Thank Morgan for the heads up. I'm SO there. April 4th, Today show on NBC.