Friday, March 02, 2007


Now that I have no voice... I've been looking at blogs all over the 'net. I have the most boring looking blog EVER!!!! No wonder I have like five regular readers. It's white with like two animations. And my gamer tag card (thanks sweetie!), and my ticker (thanks jess and Ben).....

I want a cool header like the FlipFlop Momma, or AnnaBananaRocks, or my sis, Lackdaisical Motivation. And I need a cooler name. Morganarama is such a great name. "Jennie's Blog" just ain't working no mo'.

So, here's my call out to the world. I have absolutely no html or website writing skills at all. I need someone out there to help me out with designing a cool background/theme/whatever the heck it's called.

And, I want to have a naming contest. Based on what you have learned about me in the past year via this blog, what name should I give my blog?

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Jessica said...

I can help you sometime. I'm actually in the middle of designing my next theme and I'm learning a lot.

The only problem is that I have zero experience with Blogger because I use wordpress for my blog.

But, I can help you with a couple of things and get you a new, more exciting theme in no time!