Monday, April 02, 2007

People in Big, Flashy Cars

People in big. flashy cars really like to flip me off, especially when they are the ones who are the assholes. You've heard about my previous flip off experience (back last April... the highway 70 debacle). Well tonight, after a successful shopping trip to get a new cruise dress, I was driving home with my sister. We're driving down the main drag to get home, and a big huge truck looks like it's not going to stop as it comes off a side road, almost completely onto the main drag.

So of course, since the entire front end of his truck is in the road where I'm trying to drive, I tap the brakes to make sure he comes to a complete stop. Then I honked to let him know he should stop sooner, you know, before he gets onto the road where I have the right-of-way?!

He had his left blinker on, but instead turns right to follow me for a few blocks. He turns on his brights as soon as he gets behind me, but I had my mirror turned up, so I didn't even notice, my sister told me. Then as I moved over to the left turn lane, he flips me off! Like I'm the one who did something wrong!

Oh well. I'm going on a cruise he's not. Sucks to be him.

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