Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Compare and Contrast

So here's the dealio, I'm going to compare and contrast this past cruise with my previous two cruises.


1) Jessica STILL believes that every guy on board the ship is totally in love with her (even and especially the gay ones).

2) Jessica still gets way frickin' hilarious when she's wasted.

3)Same Caribbean born Cruise director from my very first cruise.

1) Mucho luggage problems this time (soaked suit bag on day of arrival, lost bag on day of departure). Still no word on that bag.

2) Loads of friends on this cruise, including two new friends from Austin, TX. I'll post their pic later. They are Too cute for words.

3) I got sea sick AFTER coming home from this cruise! What the hell? For about two days after I'm off the ship, it feels like I'm still there, but now I'm actually getting dizzy and sometimes a little nauseous. Not cool. Bigger ships from now on.


Jessica said...

#1- of course :)
#2- of course :)
#3- Ricky must have caught wind of me being on the ship and requested to be the Cruise Director..you know, since he's in love with me too ;)

Bob said...

I haven't been sick at all, but I do feel like I'm still swaying back and forth though. A really weird feeling actually. Just means I need to get back on the ship I guess.

I can't believe they lost a piece of luggage between the ship and the pier, come on how possibly could that happen!? Somebody else had to take it home with them, that is the only rational explanation.