Thursday, October 05, 2006

Earl and Xavier

I totally needed a night like tonight. First, we ate dinner at my mom and dad's with my two sisters so we could help Jessi move my dad's computer desk. That gave me a chance to give Jessi her Thank You gift for watching my house while we went to Botcon. (Botcon was on Attack of the Show on G4 tv today!!)

When Ben and I got home from dinner and moving, we watched ER. Awesome show. Then we watched My Name Is Earl. If you are not watching MNIS, you SHOULD BE. It's seriously the funniest show. Ever. Don't believe me? I dare you to watch one show and not belly laugh to the point of snorts. OK, so, I'm probably the only person who snorts while laughing on a fairly regular basis, but you know what I mean. Anyway...

Well, watching Earl put me in a goofy mood (I'm sure the Ambien probably had more to do with the goofiness that is about to ensue...). We're watching the news after Earl is over, and an ad for Governor Rod Blagojevich comes on. He's running for re-election in IL. He's not such a bad guy for a Democrat, but I have digressed. I realized during his ad that he looks like a Cabbage Patch that grew up. Pinch his nose just a little bit, and he's a grown-up Xavier Cabbage Patch kid. Check out his pic:

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Jessica said...

HAHA! Thats too funny and you're right- he does look like a grown up Cabbage Patch doll!