Sunday, October 29, 2006

No Antlers for the Wall

Well, hunting yesterday was uneventful. We ended up seeing three houses. Two of which we would consider, but neither of them really screamed "buy me... you must have me!" I'd be fine with either house, but Ben had reservations about both of them. After having lived in 15 different homes/dorms/apartments, I can make do with anywhere, as long as the kitchen has enough cabinets and the master bedroom must be large enough for a king size bed. That's all I need.

Oh yeah, and the St. Louis Cardinals are the World Series CHAMPS!! We rocked the Tigers. It was a good series. They definitely played hard, and made us work for it, but we won in the end! Last night I bought red yarn and white fun fur to knit a Cardinals scarf. Hopefully, I'll finish it sometime this week.... Yeah right....

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