Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Obsession

So, during the Cardinals game, I got a little bored... but they won!!!

Back to the story... my thought was "How do people just randomly find funny/great/cool vids on YouTube??" And then proceeded to YouTube.com to randomly find a funny/great/cool vid. And I happened upon a regular video blogger, William Sledd.

He now also has an "Ask the Gay Man" fashion and hair series. I think I watched every video of his tonight. I'm so obsessed. It's sick. It's wrong, but I'm loving his humor, his advice, his Fun Underwear Day. I'm so having Fun Underwear Day tomorrow. OK, on second thought, maybe not... can't tell you why, but I can't. Maybe next week....

So, if you're bored, or even just want a really good laugh, go watch William Sledd's video blogs. He's great. He's from Paducah, KY. How can you not be great if you're from Paducah. Everyone that I know from Paducah rocks. Just because I only know two people from Paducah doesn't mean a thing. They're both great. So it must be true.

Now I'm just babbling. It's late, I'm tired. Gotta go... nighty-night!!

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