Monday, October 23, 2006

We've got the scent...

We have narrowed the home search down to what seems to be four houses in town. And yes, Jessi/Craig, Victoria made the final cut. Now, it's just a matter of getting a hold of our realtor and going to see those homes. If none of those work, we may have to look into another realtor, this one only sent us homes listed with her agency. I'd like to work with a realtor who will show homes that s/he may or may not list.

She only sent us like 10 places to choose from. I'm kind of disappointed. I guess I should e-mail her and let her know that none of the homes on this list really knocked our socks off. But, I'm trying to keep in mind that homes may be better in person than on paper.

Up until tonight, I thought that Ben just wasn't as into this hunting as I was, but I figured out that he has been sick for the last week, so it's probably hard for him to get as excited. It's not that I've been ignoring his discomfort, he's just not a complainer (like me...), so I just wasn't aware of how sick he was. Hopefully, he'll feel better before we go see homes this weekend.


Jessica said...

Jennie, if Victoria is still in the running, then she did include houses listed by other agents. In our lists, she always included homes listed by other agents.

If you want to check for yourself, just do an MLS search online for yourself and see how many homes match your specifications. My guess is, if she only sent you 10, then there are only those avail within your guidelines.

Of the 26 homes she originally sent us, only 1 was her own listing.

I think you should do your own MLS search online and see if you notice any that you like, but that she didn't include. I'd be surprised if this was the case-

Chances are, there just isn't much inventory for exactly what you're looking for-

Morgan said...

You can do the MLS search at

That's where I like to do my "window shopping."

Martha said...

Just an FYI, the floor plan of the house on Victoria (upstairs anyway) is almost identical to ours (flipped around). If you'd like a sneak can drop on by.

Also, that house was on the market back when Patrick and I were looking in May (by a different realtor), so hopefully they are motivated sellers (like Jessica's). It was originally listed at $215,000.

I also noticed their property taxes. You are taxed on liveable space, so if there is a basement with egress windows or full-windows it will be taxable. We have a walk-out basement, so our basement space is taxable (due to the doors and full-sized windows). FYI, the taxes on this house are listed as higher than ours. You may want to dispute the taxes with the county...if you buy it.

Also, most realtors when they send information on homes change the heading to reflect their information (even on homes listed by other people). So, it may appear at first glance that all the listings are hers. At least that's the way the other Remax agent we used presented stuff to us.

Happy Hunting!