Sunday, October 08, 2006

Employee of the Month

Yup, that's me. OK, not really. Maybe. Anyway, that's the movie we all saw Friday night. Totally hilarious. It was your typical romantic comedy, but Dane Cook and Andy Dick were really funny. I'd highly recommend seeing it.

The rest of my weekend was pretty good. Worked a half day on Saturday, and then went to my nephew's birthday party. He's 9 years old now (this is the little guy who was the ringer bearer at my wedding). I can't believe it. He's a funny little dude. At this party were a couple who are friends with Brad's parents. I'll call them Pete and Wi-Fan. Wi-Fan is from Vietnam. She's very nice, but very difficult for me to understand her. She has a very heavy accent. Just check with Jessica, she'll tell you that I can't understand anyone from an Asian country. Jessi is my translater when we go for manicures at a local shop. The person doing my nails will ask a question, and I'll look at them and smile like a complete retard because I have no idea that they have just spoken to me in English and that they expect an answer. Jessi will sigh and repeat what they've said and I'll tell them what I want.

So to make this story even more interesting, I find out that Wi-Fan also speaks French. She finds out that I am somewhat fluent, and she decides to try to speak with me that way. Yeah, like that's gonna work. I can barely understand you in my own language, let alone a second language?! You gotta be crazy lady!

I seriously believe that I have an auditory processing disorder. I can hear what people are saying, it just takes me a minute to figure out what it is that they've said. Anyone who has spent any amount of time with me may notice that I ask them to repeat seemingly simple sentences, only to have me understand what they said the first time half way through their second time saying it. It's not an attention issue. My focus can be completely on someone and the conversation that I am having with them, but I will still miss what they say sometimes. I have learned to read lips, though, and that helps.

Now on to the exciting stuff. The Rams are now 4 and 1!!!! More importantly, the Cardinals are going on the National Laegue Championship Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo! Go Cards! So now begins my obsessive blogging out the Cardinals every day/night of a game. I apologize now if you get sick of reading about it. It'll all be over soon.

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Mike Branson said...

Also, the Yankees exited early and will probably fire Joe Torre this week.

[Nelson] HA HA! [/Nelson]