Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Two Out of Three...

OK, earlier this year, I got the full time teaching position I was looking for. With all the fabulous benefits of:
1) No Daily Lesson Planning
2) Being creative in many areas
3) Educational Interaction with middle school age students
4) Getting rid of said students in two hours (only a benefit if they are really difficult to work with)
Oh, and the best benefit...
5) Making more than your typical first year non-Masters-degree-holding-teacher

Now, Ben and I are taking on hunting. No, not deer or animal hunting, but house hunting. We sent an e-mail to my sister's realtor this weekend. BTW, Jessica and Craig bought a GORGEOUS new home last week... see it here.

After talking with Jessica and my parents, we are looking at one story, ranch style homes with at least partially finished basements. Two reasons for the one story stipulation; first, you are taxed on livable above ground space; second, you don't have to pay to heat/cool the second floor. With us only looking at one story homes, that means that the basement is a MUST. As is the "at least partially finished" part. What use is a completely unfinished basement? None to me... since I have absolutely no carpentry skills, it is much less likely that the basement would get finished in any timely manner.

So, I will keep you apprised of the housing situation. We're not in any huge hurry, but I'd really like to be done with buying /moving in before Thanksgiving or at least Christmas.

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