Thursday, September 28, 2006

Botcon funnyisms

I'm in beautiful downtown Lexington, KY, home of Transylvania University. And Botcon 2006. You know, the Transformers convention. Ben is super excited, though the convention hasn't technically started yet. Today was a tour of a Toyota plant and a Kentucky Bourbon distillery.

On to the funnyisms....

While waiting in line for lunch at Buffalo Trace distillery, I overheard two Botcon attendees debating whether or not one of them should have painted a model Ford GT with pink fingernail polish so it would look like RC, a female Transformer who is actually pink. Yup, feminists unite. Anyway, they seriously went back and forth on this for about 10 minutes. "Dude, how could you paint a Ford pink?" says the dork incredulously. Other dork replies with, "well, if Hasbro won't release an RC Alternator, then I just have to settle for a model. And model companies don't make Fords pink."

So, still in line, I imagine this young man standing in the nail polish aisle of Walgreens trying to pick out the right shade of pink for RC. So what happens... I begin to giggle. Incessently. At least I didn't burst out laughing the way I did when my baby sister mentioned something about the importance of graduating.

Other funnyism: while standing in line waiting patiently for Ben to purchase some TF (Transformers) souvenirs, they actually started to play the Star Wars theme. The funny part: some dudes actually started to rock out to it. Imaginary lightsabers and all.

The most amazing thing to me... I've been to a few conventions with Ben & Friends (affectionately called "The Street Geeks"). Usually, it's a bunch of stinky uber-dorks who the Queer Eye gang couldn't make attractive after a whole week of help, let alone a day's worth. Anyway, there are actually a few attractive gentlemen here. A few scary guys thrown in the mix, but it's not all unattractive.


Morgan said...

"Anyway, there are actually a few attractive gentlemen here. A few scary guys thrown in the mix, but it's not all unattractive."

I don't believe you! The stink of B.O. and loneliness must have gone to your head.

Bender said...

RC is hot! There's alot of love in that bot. Oooh mama...

Jennie said...

Bender: OK... it's one thing to love a blow-up doll... it's a whole other creepy fetish to love a Hot Wheel sized pink vehicle who transforms into a robot with Princess Leah ear buns.

As for Morgan's comment... I so wish now that I had taken some pics of the cuties that were there. But I didn't want to make my hubby feel uncomfortable. Then again, he takes pictures of hot chicks at conventions (normally they are dressed up as some character, though). Seriously, there were some half-way decent lookin' dudes at this Botcon. And better lookin' than Jennie's got-the-bad-taste looks.