Sunday, September 17, 2006

Loads goin' on....

Today, Ben and I each cleaned out our office areas, and I am actually typing this blog from my desk. I haven't been able to type from this computer for almost a year. Check out my newly clean area!!

Our new staff at the CLC are trained on the Mars mission. The new Lead Flight Director is a fast learner and is now doing the parts of her job, which are now leaving me time to do my job (and my boss' for another two weeks).

Last weekend was my 29th birthday, and I had a nice weekend. I went in to work on Saturday morning to get a project completed, watched the shuttle launch (OF COURSE...), and then went out to lunch with friends, went to the Science Center with them, saw an Omnimax movie (Adrenaline Rush), and finished the night off at Dave and Buster's.

Next weekend, I'll be in CT with my parents and sisters for my cousin's wedding. I'll try and publish photos from that trip next Monday night.

Well, Rams are about to start playing, and the Cowboys are on after that. I am so happy the football season is up and running again. Sundays are so nice now!

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Jessica said...

Wow! Looks great- I love doing that kinda stuff.

I'll have to come over and enjoy it while it lasts ;)