Monday, September 25, 2006

My Cousin's Wedding

On Saturday, Jessica, Katie and I flew into Connecticut with our parents. We landed shortly before 1 p.m. Eastern time, and promptly headed off to get our rental car. We got a cute little Hyundai Accent. I kinda wish I had taken a picture of it, oh well. Jessi drives down to Cromwell, CT, to our hotel. It was in a shadier part of Cromwell, but not horrible. The hotel sufficed. It was within 25 minutes of anywhere we needed to be in CT. My grandfather was west of us, my grandmother was south of us, the wedding was due east of us, and the airport was due north. Not bad planning there, Pops! I'd stay there again.

Yesterday was my cousin's wedding. The church was very pretty. It was an old style, Pilgrim built church. Wooden pews (I think one of the Congregationalists had made some pads for it), rafters, an old organ. Her flowers were very pretty. My father's whole family was there. She even invited my aunt's ex-husband. That made for a slightly awkward social tension. But it was nice to see him again. I hadn't seen him since I was in 7th grade. I'm 29 now.

The wedding was great, Sarah and Doug seem like they'll be a happy couple.

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