Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Murphy Hates Me

You know, Murphy... the guy from Murphy's Law. He hates me. Ever since I've been in charge at the CLC, stuff has been going wrong left and right. And there's nothing I can do about it. None of it was my fault.

Let me count the ways that Murphy hates me:

1) Storm in July knocks out the power around St. Louis, forcing me to...

2) Cancel a whole week of summer camp. That ended up losing our facility about $3,300.

3) A large school district did not show up for their two missions and two Discovery classrooms today. Come to find out, their science coordinator (who was in charge of telling the teachers when to come to our Center and she was in charge of getting us paid) had resigned a month earlier and noone contacted us. She was our only contact in the district, and her voicemail did not indicate that she had left her position (We called her twice last week to find out whywe hadn't been paid yet). Oh yeah, this large school district was signed up for 15 missions and 15 Discovery classrooms over the next two weeks. Cost: over $8,000.

These are just the major things that have happened... I'm not counting all the little stuff that has happened over the past three months. I swear, if one more thing happens while Tasmyn is gone (only TWO MORE WEEKS!), I will cry. I will sit at my desk and weep like a frickin' baby.

Just so I don't end on a downer, Ben said the funniest thing at dinner tonight. He says, "Honey, in the future, would you mind not talking to me about major life decisions as we're laying in bed about to fall asleep? The other night, you bring up the baby talk* after you're already on Ambien... then blah, blah, blah, baby, SNORE!"

*baby talk = when do you want to start thinking about having a baby? Not let's have a baby now... no house, no baby.

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