Monday, September 25, 2006

Shennie's New Age

On Sunday morning, Jessica and Aunt Sher (now called "Shennie" because she's part Sher, part Jennie) decided that Aunt Sher is no longer in her mid-50's, she must be in her mid-40's.

This whole conversation started with Aunt Sher saying that she had celebrated her kidney's 29th birthday on Sept. 8th (my birthday). Jessi told Sher that since part of her now is 29, that must bring down her average age, because statiscally speaking, one outlier will bring down an entire mean. so one body part aged at 29 will bring down the average age of a mid-50 year old body. But we're only counting major body parts, you know, like heart, lungs, intestinal tract, liver, minor ear bones. OK, not the ear bones.

So, Happy New Age to Aunt Shennie! Love you!

P.S. There was another kidney donor at Sarah's wedding. Unfortunately, his recipient rejected the kidney and he's now on dialysis. So prayers for the little boy in the Hawai'ian shirt at Sarah's wedding would be appropriate.

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