Friday, January 27, 2006

Something funny

Perhaps this next thing is only funny if you were there, or after a couple of beers, but I went out for drinks with some coworkers of mine tonight. We all got to talking about gender relations, and one guy told us his theory of how you could really mess with a girl's head. Tell her she has manly shoulders. Seriously, that's his thought. What's so funny is the fact that he's probably right. There is nothing that a woman could do to have less manly shoulders. No Nip/Tuck will ever fix that. Everytime she wears a tank top, she'll always wonder "do my shoulders look big? are they getting bigger?"

For some reason, I found this funny enough to laugh myself to the point of tears. It might have been that I was one beer down, and getting ready to order another, or the fact that I could tell that he was holding back from telling that to a gal at the table that he didn't like. He is a fairly nice guy, and decided not to hurt a coworker, but I know she gets on his nerves. She's very stand-offish, and I have trouble reading her. She can be very friendly at times, but other times, she doesn't want to work and she complains about it. I know that there are worse people that I could work with, so I'm not terribly upset. I rarely have to really spend any real time with her, so it's all good.

"She's got manly shoulders." Say that to a chick who has pissed you off.


Jessica said...

Your friend has a good point. If anyone ever told me I had manly shoulders, I'd make sure to sprinkle some fairy dust on them the next time I went out in a tank.

Then at least I could look like a man wearing fairy dust on his shoulders.

Bob Williams said...

So you then just look like a gay guy, or maybe look like a guy who just came back from a strip club wearing your stripper dust.