Friday, January 27, 2006

So now it's getting more real...

OK, so I am days away from scheduling my trip to Boston. My renal ultrasound came back good, so things are really progressing. All I have left is a CT scan, and that has to happen in Boston. My plan is to schedule the scan and then schedule the surgery for a few days after that. I really don't feel like paying to fly there for a scan, fly back to St. Louis and then fly back to Boston for the surgery a fews days later. My aunt needs this as soon as possible. I don't think that she's on dialysis yet, and I don't want her to hold off on that for much longer.

The whole thing still doesn't feel quite real yet. Surreal is very much how this situation feels. I know that it's going to happen soon, but it feels so far away. Like February is not starting next week. Weird.

Anyway, so that is what's going through my head now. Not funny, not thoroughly entertaining, but like I said, few of my blogs will probably be super funny.

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Bob Williams said...

Blogs don't have to be funny or entertainment. In fact that is the beauty, there are no requirements at all. Just be true to yourself and be expressive.