Monday, January 23, 2006

the prettiest scarf ever

now if only I knew how to knit a matching hat....

I just finished knitting a gorgeous scarf (if I do say so myself), and now I'm looking to find out how to knit a hat. I don't want to have to purl, just knit. I know that my friend Cheryl knits hats for babies using four needles at a time... maybe I'll ask her to teach me. Of course, I want to knit a hat bigger than a baby head.... Jennie's got a big ol' head. With this much hair, I have a large hat size for a girl.

Back to the scarf... Seriously.... I need to take a picture and include it with this blog... maybe the next one, I'm too tired and lazy now. But the scarf is totally awesome. Not just awesome, but awesome, awesome (nods to Craig, Jessi and Ben). "You all know what I mean."

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Martha said...

Jennie, I know how to knit hats. I can show you, or there's a great little shop in town where I took lessons called The Beaded Fiber Patch (corner of First and Vine). Mae is great, and she's got tons of really cool yarn and patterns. I also learned to knit purses there. My next class will be socks!