Monday, January 23, 2006

Skiing for the first time

I went skiing for the first time on January 13. It was awesome. First off, I got to go for free. All I paid for was my dinner that night (p.s. $7 for a hot dog, chips and a bottled water). I didn't pay for rentals, lessons or lift fee. That rocked. So the lessons went well, apparently, I'm not a half bad skier. I went down the practice slope once, then moved on up to the bunny slope for a few tries. I befriended my supervisors daughter (who was also a ski newbie) and we decided to ski together and watch out for one another. That went well until I was going down the tow rope slope the first time. I was trying to ski side-to-side as the kids were supposed to, but every time I turned, I'd gain speed. I tried to make a breaking wedge, but it didn't seem to slow me down. I did alright though. Only one fall the whole evening.

During my final descent (which I didn't know was my final), I noticed that there was an emergency snowmobile at the base of the slope I was skiing. When I got to the bottom, I realized that it was one of our students (did I mention that I was on a school sponsored trip?) and there were no other school staff around. I radioed that we had an injured student and that I would meet another adult at the ski patrol office. I wanted to stay with the student because she's deaf and I didn't want her to get scared. I know that she can communicate fine with strangers, she reads lips perfectly, people just have to remember to look at her while talking. I also know sign language alphabet, so I decided to stay with her just in case. Plus I was tired, and my legs and back were starting to yell at me.

The rest of the night was spent in the lodge talking with other staff members and students who were done for the night. I had a great trip back to school that night, and slept pretty well, too. I woke up sore as hell, though. Boy, I never realized how many muscles are used during skiing.

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