Monday, January 02, 2006

First day back

Today was the first day back from winter break, and it was a good day for the most part. I found out that the husband of one of our secretaries had multiple strokes over the holiday break, so I felt really bad for her, she had it rough. And she's a really good person, too. I love working with Edie.

The good thing was that about 10% of the students didn't show to school. I don't know if they were still out of town on break, or if their parents just let them stay home from school (totally possible in this district), or if parents just weren't aware that we were back in school. From what one of secretaries said, many of the parents that were called trying to find out where the kids were mentioned that it was a federal holiday so they just assumed...which makes perfect sense, I guess the parents aren't really that far off target, but if you're not sure, shouldn't you check with the district website? or call? Aren't there parents out there who keep the school calendar up on the fridge the way my mom used to? I just don't get parents these days. And to think I'll be one someday.

Anyway, so back to my day. I totally freaked out one of the other TA's today. He mentioned that he had in a "rockin' CD for psyching up for Notre Dame games" that includes "Come on Eileen." My response was "Shouldn't you ask her first?" Tim's eyes got really big, and you could just see on his face that he was thinking, "Did she just say what I thought she said???!" It was totally funny. Then I told him my motto, "I don't 'go there,' I LIVE 'there' and my friend Morgan is my landlord!"

And I got wings for dinner. It was a good day.

Tonight, I've been reading "Peter and the Starcatchers" and looking at houses online. It looks like I will SO have to get a job for next year and save like mad to get the dream house for Ben and myself. To keep our payments under a $1000 per month (and I don't think that mortgage calculator puts in PMI, either), at a $10,000 down payment, we can't afford more than a $169,900 house. But our dream house is more like a $200,000 to $215,000, so we will need WAY more in savings for down and for furniture. Now, I could totally handle the 169,900 house, but I think Ben wants bigger rooms than I need, so I guess since he's willing to wait to afford one.....

Well, off to more reading... looking at houses online just makes me want to buy one even more. So Job hunting I go this weekend. I'll be printing resumes like mad. Wish me luck (first interview on Sat. with Parkway, where I did my student teaching).


Bob Williams said...

Good luck on the interview my dear. By the way, how do you like Peter and Star Catchers so far? Is it not an awesome book!

jessica said...

Good luck with the interview.

The Come on Eileen comment....hmmm....I'm thinking.... Gross! Although, it was probably the funniest thing you've posted.

Jennie said...

Really? That was the funniest? Hmmm.... that's too much pressure. Don't expect a whole lot of funny on my blog.... that's right, I'll lower expectations so when I do something funny, it's like a little bonus to reading about my life..... yeah, I've got this figured out now!!