Saturday, February 11, 2006

So much going on.....

On Thursday, I'll be flying to Boston for a CT. This is one of the final tests before the surgery (which won't be happening until mid to late March). The CT scan will help the surgeon decide which kidney to remove for donation. While in New England, I'm going to visit my grandparents and other relatives. I'm also planning on having some lobster; fresh, cheaper lobster. Darnit, if I'm going to be traveling and donating, I'd much rather have something to look forward to, like my visit with my family, my grandmother's cooking and lobster. I'll probably gain weight while back east, but that's to be expected. At least it will be less weight gain than if I were staying with Gramma Mc.

I'll fly back on March 1 or 2. The transplant coordinator is shooting for the surgery to be Mar 20. I'll have one last blood draw to insure that my aunt and I are still a match. Apparently, from time to time (only 3 times in Marti's 20 years), the recipient's antigens change based on their exposure to certain illnesses. This change causes the recipient to no longer match with the donor. So prayers that sher and I are still a match would be appreciated.

Also, I'm starting to worry about the job front for next year. I have two job prospects on the table now, and I'm hoping that they don't diminish during my recovery time from surgery. It will probably be pretty hard for me to get around and interview during my recovery time. But I have to believe that God will put me where I'm meant to be. Hopefully, that will mean teaching at the school I'm currently employed with or with the Challenger Learning Center. I like the idea of getting to teach gifted students in science and communication arts (LMS). I also like the idea of not having to lesson plan on a daily basis and no grading (CLC). I'll get to do some traveling with the CLC job. But at LMS I would get the benefit of working with the same kids on a day to day basis. That allows for relationships to be built, allowing me to make more of a difference in a student's life.

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