Thursday, February 23, 2006

Life in Southboro, Mass

There are trains every 20 to 30 minutes behind my aunt's house. It's actually not bad, it reminds me of being at Mom and Dad's house (they're a little farther from the tracks though). I'm making meals or helping Sher make meals on most days. For example, I'm eating my homemade chicken salad on a pita, and I'm LOVING it!

Tests have gone well for thekindey testing. All my appointments are complete except for my surgeon appt. on Tuesday. That should go well. I hear he looks like Ah-nold. Thank God I'm doing this surgery laparoscopically!!

I met Grace Corrigan yesterday. She is Christa McAuliffe's mom. I was in the house that Crhista grew up in. I was in awe. Grace was SO nice. I had tea with Grace Corrigan. She's a superhero in my book. She has not only learned to live with her daughter's tragic death, but she is out in schools ACROSS THE NATION promoting space science. What a gal. I'll post a pic when I have the film processed.

This weekend, I'll rent a car and drive down to see my Grandpa again, and then stay with my Gramma. My Grandpa is my mom's dad, and my Gramma is my dad's mom. I love them both dearly. Grandpa is getting a little codgety in his old age, but he's a good guy, he's just trying to make sure I'm a good little lady before he's gone. Gramma, she's awesome. She just needs to quit cooking everything under the sun for me. Aunt Sher and I went there last Saturday for lunch. Gramma made a whole thanksgiving like dinner!!! For lunch!!! She loves you with food, that one.

Also, I had a phone interview today for the education coordinator position at the St. Louis Challenger Learning Center. I feel really good about it. I hope I make it to the next round of interviews. I'll find out later today.

I'm trying to check my e-mail as often as possible, but I don't want to tie up my aunt's phone line. Yup, I'm using dial-up. (dun-dun-DUN!) I'll survive. :)

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Bob Williams said...

Jennie used a geek term; you nerd. Dial-up I couldn't survive for more than a week without broadband unless I'm in the mountains being engulfed in the nothingness (a Buddhist thing).

I watched the Shuttle disaster documentary last night, it was really well done. I know Ben Tivo'ed it for you, so you will enjoy it when you get back.