Monday, February 20, 2006

Boston Trip

I've been in Boston for a few days now. Everything is going well. Aunt Sher looks good, she just gets tired very easily. It's been fun hanging out with her. She's been giving me family history lessons and knitting tips.

My CT scan was on Friday. Boy, that was an experience that I don't want to do ever again. The scan itself wasn't bad, it was the contrast that they inject into your arm during the scan. It burned going in, and then gave me hot flashes, and it felt like I went to the bathroom on the table. Your whole torso gets warm, but it's mostly on the back half of your body. Then, the pain and warmth is suddenly gone. It's weird.

Today I met with the social worker. That went well. She was just making sure that I knew what I was getting into, as well as address any non-medical concerns that I had. She realized quickly that I'm normal and know what I am doing.

Then I met with my anesthesiologist this afternoon. She's British. She was really nice, and I feel really good about her or anyone else she might hand pick for me.

Unfortunately, I found out today that I still have to stay until the 28th/1st. The transplant coordinator made a typo, and she cleared that up for me this morning. Oh well, it's just more time to spend with my family here in town.

Well, e-mail me if you want. I'd love to hear from any and.or all of you!! :)

P.S. I got Dunkin' Donuts yesterday!!! And tomorrow, I get LOBSTER!!!!!!! Yeah, baby!

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