Sunday, January 07, 2007

You Make It Liveable...

I make it loveable. In other words, Ben gets the things we need to and for the new house, I get the things that make it more home-like. For example, he got the stuff we needed; furniture, clothes, etc. I bought the things that make the home, i.e. the little basket thingy for the master bathroom, the bath rugs for the master bath, the mirror to go above the fireplace mantle.

It's coming together ladies and gents. Satellite TV is hooked up, and furniture for the bedroom and dining room have been delivered. I am typing to you now from my brand new bed. Yay! Now it's bed time so I'm not a freaking zombie tomorrow at work.

1 comment:

Bob Williams said...

Yeah Furniture! A place to eat and a place to sleep are always nice to have.

You do realize that if you were to tell us that you were a zombie we would have to shoot you. Sorry but that is the way it would have to be.