Thursday, January 04, 2007

Almost There....

Slowly, ever so slowly, we are getting unpacked. We really don't have much at the other house; we'll pick up the rest tonight, I think.

Good news, though. Yesterday we heard from the furniture store and we'll have all our new furniture on Sunday!! Yay!!!!! Once I find the camera, I'll take pictures and post them for you all.

Well, I've got some shopping to go do. For work (I'm buying the World's Cheapest Spacesuit) and for our new bed. Comforter and bedding.... way cool.


Bob Williams said...

Yay! Furniture will be nice to have. This Saturday is hopefully the rest of the garage and then done. Oh, and if you guys haven't already got them, the dishes in the dish washer.

I have no idea where the camera got packed, so I can't help there.

World's Cheapest Space Suit????????

Morganarama said...

I won't need pics because I'm gonna come see it. WOO-HOOOOO!