Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Resolution

My New Year's Resolution is....

Wait for it.....

Not to make a New year's Resolution. No one ever keeps them. Especially me. Anyone who knows me knows it's a miracle that I've stuck it out this long with the blog. I'm just not someone who stays with much for very long.

I don't need to lose weight. I could stand to get in better shape, but not lose anything.

I don't drink too much (not even last night... four glasses of wine over the course of five/six hours).

I don't over eat.

I traveled plenty last year. It was all over the U.S., but who's to say that isn't worthy? I saw New England (three times... I think that's a freaking record, even for me), San Antonio, and Houston. Ben and I are going on cruise #2 (for us... #3 for me) in April. We'll get the chance to see a couple places in Mexico... possibly some Aztec ruins.... I hear Belize City is amazing (huh-huh Morgan..... I mean it this time...).

I'm happy with my life. What could I possibly want to change? I have a wonderful husband. Perhaps I need to improve things with him. He's so wonderful because he puts up with me. There's nothing wrong with our relationship, but most relationships have at least some room for improvement. It just so happens that I believe I could be a better wife. Hmmm.... that might be a good resolution. Be a better wife. Jessi, where's that book?

See... I already broke my first new year's resolution. It's been what, five minutes since I made it?

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Morganarama said...

I made the same resolution when I was 16, and I haven't broken it since.

And, Jen, I'm fine with people who say that things are amazing when they *gasp* actually are.