Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lucky Kidney

After my little P.S. post last night regarding our power, guess what? No really, take a guess... we lost power at 2 a.m. I am not kidding. Due to this recent occurrance, in addition to other power issues, I have come to the conclusion that I gave away my "lucky" kidney. Lucky Leftie now resides in Massachusetts, bringing much luck and health to my aunt, for which I am grateful. Don't get me wrong. I am glad it's helping her out. But I've had awful luck when it comes to power and other 'little' things happening to me since March. Let me lay it all out for you:

1) Major storm in July that knocks out power to my home, but also forces me to close the Center and cancel a summer camp due to a power outage at work as well.

2) At work, lost two weeks worth of missions in Sept because of someone leaving their job and not telling anyone about us.

3) Last week, major ice and snow storm causes power outages both at home and work. Work only lost power for a day or two. Home, we had no power for three whole days.

4) Last night, we lost power at home AGAIN (due to high winds from an Artic cold front moving in).

For those of you who are Howard Stern listeners: I am the Scott the Engineer of everyone I know. I have that Black Cloud following me; knocking out power, causing bad things out of my control to happen. Anyone know any incantations that will bring my luck back?

Can I swap kidneys with my aunt?? Oh wait, nope. Not going through that healing process again. F* that.

By the way, I do find this all hilarious. Shennie, I know you're reading this... say hello to Lucky Leftie for me!


Bob Williams said...

Would you like me to make you an omamori ( or maybe an OFuda.

Jennie said...

A couple of Omamori's would be nice; one for home and one for work! :) The one for home could protect our new home from losing power and having anything bad happen there. The one for work could help me to improve the work I'm doing, continue to up our numbers there, prevent power losses (since they've happened twice in the past 6 months!). Hehehe!

morgan said...

My recommendation: find Karma, then punch that fucker in the nuts. Then scream, "I'm a good person, dammit! I gave up a kidney. Get off your ass and do your job!" Then walk away, muttering, "Stupid Karma."