Wednesday, December 06, 2006

House Inspection and other stuff

*Warning: There is a bit of cursing in tonight's post. You'll see why.*

House inspection went well tonight. I brought the camera with me and took like 50 something pictures. There are only a couple minor things that need to be fixed and we're not asking the sellers to do it. We think that they'll balk at paying for them, and they are things that can wait until spring/summer anyway.

Now, here's the shit that pisses me off. Ben and I went fridge shopping now that we feel fairly comfortable that this whole house thing is gonna go off without any major hitches... found the perfect fridge, told the guy we wanted it, filled out the credit/financing application... it comes back with a red flag because of my birthday!!! Are you flipping kidding me??!! I've NEVER had that flag before. I've had like 10 credit cards over the past ten years, bought a car with dad, rented a house with a couple of landlords that did credit reports... nothing ever flagged on my birthday before... WTF?!

Oh yeah, WTF reminds me of this group of kids that came into work today to run a mission. It was a group of kiddos with special needs. One young man kept getting frustrated, and would exclaim "WTF?!" Not, "What the F*ck?!" but the actual three letters, W T F. It was hilarious. I was proud of him for finding an appropriate way for expressing frustration, because few adults actually know what WTF stands for. So now, all day, I've been saying WTF?! when I'm frustrated.....


What the flip is up with my credit stuff?? This is such crap. I am unbelievably frustrated because we're not even 100% certain which credit bureau has my birthdate wrong. I did a 3-in-1 credit report, and two of them report the month and year only (and they're both right), and the last one only reports the year, and it's right. So I'm completely flummoxed. On the 3-in-1 credit report, it already shows which credit company the appliance store checked, so I'm guessing that they perhaps don't report month and date on their reports for some dumbassed reason. I'm too pissed to keep talking about this. It means we might not be able to get a fridge on or around our move in date. Who the hell wants to move in to a house without a freaking fridge???!!!

I'm just working myself up more. I better just sign off now.

"I almost have a house... I almost have a house... I almost have a house..."

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