Friday, December 08, 2006

Fridge/credit/power Update

Because I know you want to know about these things...

Bought a fridge last night at a major national electronics/appliance store. At frist, we were gonna get a black fridge, but at the last minute we decided to purchase a faux stainless steel side-by-side. It's beautiful. Did you know that fridges can be beautiful? Well, they can be. Mine is proof.

Also, fixed my credit problem. The one credit bureau did not have my whole birthday, only the year, and that is what flagged. So now that is all fixed. Although, it doesn't appear that many of the credit/financing places that I use actually report to this particular bureau, so that is why I haven't ever encountered this issue before.

I'm afraid to discuss my power issues for fear of repeating what happened earlier this week... but, our power came back on yesterday late in the morning. so the house was nice and toasty by the time I came home from work. Thank God. Seriously, thank you God. Please don't smite my power again.

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