Thursday, December 21, 2006

10 Ways That I Am Different Than You:

1.) I donated a kidney.

2.) I met my husband through my nephew (by marriage...). In other words, the man who became my nephew introduced my husband and me.

3.) I was married in the same room where my reception occurred 45 minutes later.

4.) My uncle married my husband and I.

5.) I have attended 5 different colleges. This means that I probably have enough schooling for a couple of master's degrees, and yet I only have my Bachelor's and a certification.

6.) I have a kitty with no name. We call her "Kitty." The vet thinks her name is Jet.

7.) I drive a 2002 Honda Civic with over 61,000 miles on it. Figure that mileage per year....

8.) I have Transformers in my house. Lots and lots and lots of Transformers. And also other action figures and random toys.

9.) My Christmas tree is more Sci-fi than the Sci-Fi Channel on TV. Many of the ornaments light up, some of them talk. I'm not freaking kidding. Nothing reminds me of Christmas more than hearing Worf's voice coming from the little spaceship hanging on my tree.

10.) I have a horrible reaction to peanuts. No, I'm not allergic. It gives me gas. Gas that clears rooms. Gas that keeps rooms clear for hours. According to my friend, Karl, it is gas that "clears OUTDOOR stadiums." Maybe I could put the Rams out of their misery this season... where are the peanuts?

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