Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tivo and minutiae

Last night Ben and I watched a bunch of shows from our Tivo. It was nice to just sit and watch stuff since we had such a busy week. We caught up on ER, Smallville and a few other shows. What's crazy is the fact that after watching all that, we still have 11 pages of shows!! I think that it's amazing that Ben and I don't weigh a million pounds with all the tv that we watch! It just blows my mind.

Then today, i worked at my part time job, the Challenger Learning Center. We had Girl Scout Juniors, which are upper elementary age. We had a diverse group of girls, and they were spectacular.

So now, I'm with friends (but they're all computer techs, so they're talking about crap that I don't get...) and we're going to go to dinner and see Wallace and Gromit. It looks interesting, and it's something that all my friends are excited about. I never watched the show, so I don't really get the whole wantiing to see it. I'd be plenty happy waiting until it's out on DVD, but oh well.

So, you'll get my review of W & G later. Sorry that this blog wasn't so funny..... Hopefully the next one will be.

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Jessica said...

Jennie- Craig and I watch hours of TiVo and we have gained a million pounds, so maybe we're putting on YOUR weight too.