Monday, October 10, 2005

Halloween Party

I'm getting so excited about my upcoming Halloween party. I'm always thinking about games that could be played, and today I went shopping for prizes and decorations. I love throwing parties. It's a sick obsession, but you can't blame someone for what they love. I have fun planning it all out, designing and sending the invites, preparing for it, cooking for it and then the actual party itself. People usually end up telling me that the partywas the best they've been to... I just so can't wait.

But I always worry that no one will show. I know that my closest friends will be there, but it's the acquaintances that I always worry about. I hope that people will RSVP and show. I have so many fun plans for games, food, beverages and decorations.

I hope that blogging will ease some of my tensions about this... I think it will. I would also lay out my plans for the party, but I don't want to give everything away, since the only people who probably read this will be people who are coming anyway.

OK, so now it's dinner time... laters!!

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Kristina said...

When is your Halloween Party