Saturday, October 08, 2005

So here's my first *REAL* post

I'm doing this from Louisville, KY, where my sister Jessica has been talking nonstop about blogging. She has been doing so for a little while now. So, she's hooked me up with a super simple place to blog, and she even personalized my page for me. "THANKS JESS!!! It looks fantastic... I couldn't (and probably wouldn't) have done this without you!"

Ben and I arrived in Louisville late last night. We pretty much went to bed as soon as we got here. Neither one of us slept very well, but that tends to happen when you're not at home. We slept in a little before getting up and getting ready to go to Lexington to vist baby sister, Katie. We had a great afternoon with her, and we even met her boyfriend, Brandon. He seems like a pretty cool guy. Both Ben and I gave our thumbs up to this guy. Katie seems to be really happy at school despite having a pain-in-the-butt roomie. The friends of hers that we met (Rachel, Angelina and Ashley) were really nice and they make Katie happy, so that makes me happy.

Tonight we're back in Louisville with Jessica and Craig, and we're getting ready to watch "SNL" with Jon Heder as host. We have high hopes that it will be mostly funny... remember the days when all of SNL was funny? Not a stupid, useless skit to be had back then... now, every skit is a toss-up. Well, I think that they are ready to watch. So.... laters!

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Bob Williams said...

Welcome to the world of blogging my dear, it's about time.

You know I've had my journal for a long time (not that anybody really checks it), but I like having it. It is a great place to vent sometimes, or just to ramble since I don't really have anybody to talk to on a regular basis.

I glad to hear about Katie, that is awesome that she is doing so well at school.

We saw Serenity tonight with Justin, Cheryl, Brian, Karl and myself. It was yet still awesome the second time around. Justina and Cheryl off course loved it since they are hooked on Firefly like the rest of us.

Well I have to blog myself before bed.

Welcome aboard the blogging world.

- Bob