Wednesday, November 22, 2006


We're homeowners!! The sellers accepted our counter offer (after having to offer it twice...)! I was notified as 12:55 p.m. Central time. I am SO excited! It's a huge relief after all the back and forth phone calls with my realtor and Ben. Now we just have to hope that no one else offers something higher than our offer between now and when we sign the paperwork this afternoon. Apparently, in Illinois, a verbal agreement isn't enough, signatures must be on the paper in order to make it binding. So, now I'm just in a hurry to get "home" to sign the papers. I say "home" because this house we're in now isn't ours. Hehehe... I'm a homeowner!!!


Bob Williams said...


Jessica said...

HAHA- you're a Homo too!

Isn't it great?


Morgan said...

Sweet! Which room is mine?