Saturday, November 18, 2006

My Husband is a Wii-ner

Yes, I intentionally spelled it that way. Ben is staying the night tonight in front of Target. The store. It's due to be in the 30's tonight. And he's staying out there for a game console, the Nintendo Wii. His prerogative, I suppose.

It's been about two weeks since the last post. Sorry about that, y'all. We've been dealing with Ben's Barrett's, my trivia night (more on that in a minute) and house hunting. Ben's condition is OK. He is trying his best to stick to the prescribed diet. He is taking his Nexium religiously. Hopefully his next scope will show some healing.

Trivia night went well. I even included a tribute to my best bud, Morgan. The question was "Renamed for a famous banker who also collected gems and minerals, pink beryl is now more commonly known as what?" The answer? Morganite!! Named for J.P. Morgan. But placed in my trivia night to honor my friend from across the state who I haven't seen in forever. Not her fault, we've just both been busy. I'll see her soon at the holiday get together. Back to Trivia Night. We raised over $1300 for our Center. Yay! That will help get some stuff for our programs.

House hunting.... we're now torn between two houses. Once we make a decision, we can go ahead and make an offer. Ranch vs 2 story, Cheap vs upper affordability range, finished vs unfinished basement, close to family vs close to highway, smallish bedroom vs good bedroom size, ofallon schools vs fairview heights schools (but OTHS), 2 car garage vs 3 car garage. We're truly torn.... urgh. What do you think?


Morgan said...

Yay! Tribute to me! I love morganite. I made myself a necklace out of it.

As for the house, my advice is to go with the one that you like best structurally. If you're looking at the more affordable one thinking, "This would be perfect if the rooms were bigger," or "I wish this had more closet space," go with the other one. You'll have less free cash to spend on furniture, but it's better than trying to spend on home improvements later.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that someone in my family ACTUALLY spent the night sleeping outside in front of a store to buy a piece of sand, wires, and plastic!

I also agree with Morgan on the house - all things being "equal" go with the one that is best structurally and logistically. The rest will fall into place. Good luck. Hopefully we'll talk on Thanksgiving!

Good luck, Peaches.

Jennie said...

We went with the ranch for a few reasons...
1)location = close to a brand new elementary school, close to Ben's work, close to my sister and brother in law, close to Mom & Dad

2)finished basement = basements are uber expensive to finish, all we have to do with this house is throw up a couple walls

3)price = we'll probably get this for about $15,000 less than the other home, which means we can actually furnish this house.

Beautiful, bigger home doesn't look as good without furniture.