Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cardinals Game

Last night Ben and I got some tickets to the Cards/Reds game. We took our friends, Justin and Cheryl. We lost the game, which sucked, but something Cheryl said at the end of the night made it TOTALLY worth going.

So after the game, the four of us are waiting to leave the ballpark while the rest of the crowd clears out. We are at the top of the stadium. THE TOP. So I'm looking down on the crowd walking below us on the walkway. And I mention to Ben, jokingly of course, "Hey, honey, you can look down girls shirts from here!" So Ben, Justin and Cheryl all look down on the walkway. A few seconds later, an older woman with a MAJOR boob job walks below us wearing a tank top. Cheryl yells out "NICE RACK!" It was hilarious!!

It really helps if you know Cheryl to see how funny that is, but I bet it's at least crackin' a smile on your face... huh huh, I said crack.

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