Wednesday, June 07, 2006


It’s insane how many calls we are getting at CLC for missions, mini-missions, parties, etc. for this summer! On one hand I’m happy that we’re getting loads of business, but at the same time, we still only have three people who know how to run a mission!!!! So there will be a lot of days where I will have to leave the camp to others so I can go run a mission or off site program.

I did have one really cool thing happen at work today, though. I’ve been researching the materials that make up the space suits used by NASA, and I found a company that sells rolls of Kevlar fabric. I don’t want a whole roll, just a sample that I can use in a show-and-tell type setting, so the company was nice enough to donate a small swatch for our educational purposes. Yay! So if anyone out there ever needs ballistics grade Kevlar to make something, I recommend Armor Co. of Ohio.

On to lighter stuff. Now that the TV seasons are pretty much over, many summer shows are gearing up. One of them that Ben and I are ecstatic about returning is Last Comic Standing. We missed the first season, watched the second season (LOVED the winner, John Heffron). We also watched season three, a battle between seasons one and two. Two totally wiped the floor with season one’s comics. Only one guy was really up to par with season two’s comics, and he’s the one who lasted the longest before NBC prematurely pulled the plug. As much as we love John Heffron, we really are digging Josh Blue, a comic living with cerebral palsy. He’s freaking hilarious. He makes fun of the parts of his disabilities that are obvious and parts that others may not recognize as being issues. Ben and I have seen him before on our favorite comic show, “Mind of Mencia.” Apparently, Josh is friends with Carlos Mencia, who also happens to look like a Mexican version of my brother-in-law, Patrick. I’ll try and get a picture of Pat at the next family gathering for online comparison.

So I guess what I’m trying say with that last paragraph about Last Comic Standing is that if you’re not watching it, YOU SHOULD BE. Tuesday nights on NBC.

Check out the website to vote for comics who haven’t yet made it to the finals. They have videos of them. Enjoy. That is my nugget for you this day.

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