Saturday, September 27, 2008

Initial Scattergories

The purpose of this little game is to use your first initial to come up with answers to the following prompts:

1. What is your name: Jennie

2. Four letter word: June

3. Girl's name: Jennifer

4. City: Juno, Alaska

5. Boy's Name: John

6. Beverage: Java

7. Occupation: janitor

8. Something you wear: jewelry

9. Celebrity: Jennifer Aniston

10. Food: Jell-o

11. Something in a bathroom: jacuzzi tub (I don't have oned, but it says "a bathroom")

12. Reason for being late: just couldn't wake up

13. Cartoon Character: Jabberjaw

14. Something you shout: Jesus H. Christ (I don't yell that, but I know others who do)

15. Animal: jellyfish

16. Something you do: jump rope

17. Word to describe you: jolie (French for "pretty") I swear I'm not conceited but I couldn't think of anything else...


Shennie said...


Karl Withakay said...

I gave up on the whole thing, K is not an easy letter for this.