Monday, September 01, 2008

Baby Nursery Part One

Well, we finally got off our buttinskis (as my dad would say) and cleared out the baby's room so my sister can paint tomorrow. We actually took the time to do this yesterday. And finally I remembered to take some pictures for you all to see! You should have seen the look on Ben's face when I said I needed to take pictures... he's so used to me not taking pics for the blog that he didn't consider that I would want to take some before and after pics. LOL

Stuff in front of the closet in the nursery (including the purchased paint & border! Yay!)

Stuff in front of the window in the nursery (including more baby booty since June!)

Hmm, who used to rule this room? Could it be our evil, anti-social kitty?

Clean room, clean floor!

Everything out but for the paint and a piece of heirloom furniture

Note the paint color and style currently in the room (see below). As cute as it is, it just won't work for us. First of all, we're having a girl. Not that girls can't like blue or fish-tailed airplanes, but we'd like a room that is a little more gender neutral for when baby number two comes along in a couple of years. So we've gone with a Winnie the Pooh theme for the nursery (Soft & Fuzzy Pooh theme available at Babies R Us).

Stay tuned for the updates on the baby nursery!

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Shennie said...

To where have you displaced the evil animal? Outside? Outer Mongolia? New Orleans with Gustav?