Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baby Shower

Last Friday night, my sister and mother held a baby shower for me and Ben. It was a big party, with both men and women invited. I'm sure the guys could've cared less to be there during the whole gift opening part (all the ooh'ing and aah'ing over tiny little clothes and Diaper Genies usually isn't a guy thing...), but I know we all had a great time enjoying good food and good company.

My sister also surprised me and my mother with a very special guest... wait for it.... Aunt Sher! Ben got video of me and my mom seeing her, and when he gets it off the memory card and onto a computer, I'll try and post it here. It's hilarious to see my mom's reaction. The only other time I've seen her like that was when I told her I was pregnant!

When we showed my dad the video (he wasn't there when Sher showed up), he asked mom why he never got a welcome home like that... all happy screaming and tears and stuff. It was funny.

My sister also took a ton of pictures with her cool new camera, and maybe she'll be nice and share some good pics with me so I can post them... hint hint.

To those of you who were at this shower, I want to thank you again for being there and for your generosity. Ben and I are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family who share like you do. I just hope that we are able to return the favor when you need us to. Thanks. (The notes will be mailed out this weekend... hopefully...)


Shennie said...

We all must be on the same wavelength. We've all posted about the shower today.

Shennie said...

Doc ~ some folks have it, some folks don't!