Friday, July 11, 2008

Poor Kitty

Our poor Kitty (Shennie, I know that you don't and won't feel that way, but I do). She's slowly being kicked out of "her" room. When we bought the house, we knew that we'd have to move the cat out of the room we put her stuff in once we had a baby. So now we've begun the process by moving her food dish and water fountain out to the kitchen. She knows where it is, and seems to be adjusting OK, but today when Ben and I got home, we found that Kitty had up-chucked in three separate places; living room, kitchen and in her old room. No hairball, she just outright puked. We think it might be related to the fact that things are changing around here.

Moving on....

Today was the last day for my co-worker, Missy. She was SUCH fun to work with. She has a really funny sense of humor and always found the funniest part of any and all situations. She was a great confidant for me to vent about work related stuff (in other words, my interactions with my boss... which is a whole other blog for somewhere down the road, that's for sure!). Missy will be severely missed by me.

I am happy about the gal who's filling Missy's position, though. She seems like a very sweet, nice, fun gal. We're about the same age, so I'm hoping that we'll have some in common. Although, so far it appears that she as more in common with my boss, which could mean that I might feel slightly alienated, as my boss has a tendency to talk with anyone but me while at work. But I digress... I look forward to getting to know my new co-worker.

Moving on again...

Our basement got water damage AGAIN. The second time in a month or so. Grrr. This time, my brother-in-law came out to install an outlet on the outside of our house so we can get a sump pump installed in our basement window well. We strongly believe that the window well is the source of the leak when it rains heavily. Hopefully, the sump pump will make a difference.


Shennie said...

She should be thankful she hasn't been relegated to the basement with plastic bags!

Missy said...

I'm real interested in reading about the cat and all, but have mercy on those of us who never see you...NEW BABY BUMP PICTURE!!!!!

Miss ya!