Tuesday, August 28, 2007

View From my Room

This is what I can see from my 30th floor hotel room in downtown Seattle:

The wide view

Zoomed in on the Space Needle

Off to the west, the "ocean" and mountains behind it at sunset.

It's a beautiful sight. I'm so lucky to have this room.


Bob said...

Hopefully you're having a good time.

Shennie said...

I always get confused when I'm on the west coast; being a born and raised New Englander, I'm used to having the ocean on my right when I'm heading north and on my left when I'm heading south. On the "other" coast, they're reversed and it gets me (who is geographically challenged already) even MORE confused. Grandpa used to tell me I got lost backing out of my driveway.
Hope you're having a wonderful time. Behave - my spies are watching you!