Saturday, August 04, 2007

Back East

Ben and I arrived in Connecticut late Friday night. The flight was a pain in the rear (and a workout to boot), but we got here safely.

We went out for breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts this morning... a highlight for a tough weekend. After that, we returned to the hotel to clean up before going to Grandpa's apartment to go through his things.

While getting showered, I consciously made an effort to steel myself for what I knew was going to be a difficult trip to the apartment. Then, I realized that he had moved to a new apartment, it might not be that bad. Yeah.

When we arrived at the apartment, it wasn't bad until I saw his chair. Empty. I crumbled like a cookie and started bawling. Luckily Ben was right there and could easily comfort me. Of course, that got Katie going as well. After that, though, I did OK. I teared up a couple of times while there, but overall did pretty well.

Also, your thoughts and comments are appreciated. Mary, I'll pass on your hug tomorrow.

Update: NASA launched the Mars Phoenix Lander tonight. Yay! Another successful Mars launch.

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Bob said...

Going through his things has to be tough. I've never had to do that, my grandmother that died last years things are still pristine in her room. My aunt just can't bear to move any of it. She lived with her almost her entire life so she was the hardest hit.

Take care and you have my thoughts and prayers.