Thursday, August 23, 2007

Two Things...

First, I fly to Seattle on Saturday for a conference for work. The conference doesn't technically start until Tuesday, though. Sunday, I'm going on a whale watch with the gal who did my job before me and a couple other people. Monday is a Boeing Factory tour, which I am pysched about. I've been to the Boeing Prologue Room here in St. Louis like a million times, so getting to actually see some planes get made will be awesome.

Second, I was turned onto a REALLY funny blog:

Now, If you're not a mom (which I'm not, yet), someone who grew up with a few siblings or a teacher, you may not appreciate this blog the way I do. But this mom is So funny... she put up an eBay item for bidding because her kids got her to buy it without her knowing. It's a pack of 40-something Pokemon cards that one of her 6 kids threw into the grocery cart while she wasn't looking, and then she missed picking them out of the cart when purchasing all her other items. So she's selling the cards because her kids were little buttheads. I LOVE it! I would SOOOO do that if my kid pulled that on me. AND, the money would go to charity. Ha, little buttface, your little trick just got some kid a Christmas toy.

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