Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Home of Starbuck's

I am safe and sound in my hotel room in Seattle, Washington. I am now officially farther west than I have ever been before in my life. And tomorrow, I will be going farther west, out to the Pacific. I super excited. I really hope that I'll see some killer whales in their natural environment. That would kick butt. Even better would be if I get a picture of said whales. If I am lucky enough to get a photo, I'll post it when I get a chance. I know I always say that, but with my new laptop, all I have to do is insert the camera memory stick in, grab the picture and post.

I've ordered a gourmet pizza with cookie dough Ben & Jerry's for dessert. Awesome.

UPDATE: Apparently, Seattle is NOT the home of Ben & Jerry's. But I did end up going to The Original Starbuck's. I've got pictures to prove it.

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Chris Hammond said...

Don't piss off the boss and get fired while you're there! :)