Sunday, July 01, 2007


What is dangerous you ask? My husband going out of town and my sister and me going shopping almost everyday that he's gone.

The first night he was gone, we hit Target where I purchased a few things I needed for when I go to Space Camp next week. That trip was somewhat expensive.

Yesterday, we went to Garden Ridge where I bought items to decorate our home, a hubby pillow (mine is literally falling apart), and bath rugs for our basement bathroom.

Today was the mall. The Mall. JCPenney for a couple of camisoles and New York and Co. (my all time favorite store for clothing) where I bought a few things for work, and a pair of shorts for when I'm not at work.

All told, I think I spent about $300. But, I did return some curtains that we didn't end up using, so really, I only spent $225. That sounds better, right???

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