Thursday, July 05, 2007

Transformers Movie

Went to see the Transformers movie Tuesday night.... Drum Roll Please.... It Rocked!!!! The CGI was pretty good (with the exception that Optimus had lips... sorry, you just can't talk me into liking how that looked). The acting was superb. Shia LaBeouf was phenomenal. Totally believable as a 16/17 year old nerd kid just trying to get some. He's probably so good at it because when he was 16/17, he was the Holes star, just trying to get some. Not to say that I believe he has been untoward towards any female, but you know what I mean.

Megan Fox was good, too. She reminded me (and a friend of mine) of Jennifer Connelly back in her Labyrinth days. (Seriously, now I'm just challenging myself to see how many movies I can reference in one post).

John Turturro (from O Brother Where Art Thou, Mr. Deeds and The Big Lebowski) was hilarious, as always.

If you want to know whether or not I recommend that you go see this movie, I would say you should. It is definitely worth your $10 and two hours of your time. The action is heart pounding and the story is interesting. You actually care about the characters that you are supposed to care about.

So go see it, Bee-Otch! (This last line will be much funnier when you actually see the film.)

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